Wednesday, 29 February 2012

DIOR Spring 2012 Garden Party 5 Colours in Garden Pastels and Dior Vernis in Forget Me Not (Limited Edition)

Another spring 2012 collection that looks and smells fabulous! 
 Dior Garden Party 5 Colours in Garden Pastels (Limited Edition) and Dior Vernis in Forget Me Not (Limited Edition)

The packaging looks and feels very solid like it would definitely survive a fall from the table. The eyeshadows are placed inside THAT famous Dior blue holographic packaging. Inside, there are 5 beautiful pastel shades with two double-sided applicators on both sides. And the roses embossed on the eyeshadows look so pretty and so arty! Honestly, I couldn't take my eyes off it when I bought it.

I wouldn’t wear the shades all together but I like the combination of green + gold/yellow or turquoise + silver. I would normally use the pink shade in the middle as a base colour.
The effect is very soft and luminous - perfect look for spring. The eye shadows are very intense and shimmery and last about 9 – 10 hours on my (oily) skin with primer. I think the colours are so hot for spring/summer season and definitely worth purchasing!

  Dior Vernis in Forget Me Not (Limited Edition)
 without flash
with flash

Dior Vernis in Forget Me Not is a lovely, deep shade of purple. I so love the fact that it smells of roses once it's dry. The scent lasts about 3-4 hours. The end result is very shiny and I only needed to apply one coat to my nails for completely opaque finish! Like all Dior nail varnishes, Forget Me Not have a very thick, rounded brush and only one good stroke is enough to cover your nail completely!
Overall, I love it - I would give it 9/10! Definitely worth having :) A.

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