Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Boxing Day Lush Order is here!

Lush goodies
I know a lot of you guys had a problem with Lush orders as well and some of us have been waiting long time for stuff. Well, my order finally arrived last Friday (yeey!) after 3 weeks. And yes, some of my products were out of stock as well, got a refund and... a free surprise gift, which is always a nice bonus. 
So, let's put the whole experience behind us and have a look at what I ordered... :-)

Top row: my surprise gift, middle: Snow Fairy gift box and bottom two: Santa Claus is coming to Town
I absolutely love Lush products and it actually makes me want to take a shower or a bath about 10 times a day. My favourite Gift set out of the three would be Snow Fairy just because... of the Snow Fairy shower gel. It's a cult product and I can't imagine my Christmas without buying at least one bottle. It. just. smells. gorgeous!! 
Another product that I rather enjoy using is Snowman Shower Jelly. The smell is so addictive I sometimes open the pot just to smell it and casually put it back on the shelf. It's sooo good. And it's fun to use. Seriously, if you never had a shower jelly before I urge you to get one asap! 
To wrap up, I love every single one of the products and I am happy I am well stocked for the next ... few months haha! Did you guys get anything from Lush? If yes, let me know what's your favourite product! Love, A. x

Thursday, 15 January 2015

Paul & Joe Menagerie Spring 2015 Creation: Face & Eye Colour

Paul & Joe Menagerie Spring 2015 Creation
 I cannot believe it's already that time of the year where all the spring collections are starting to make their way onto the shelves! It's all very exciting! Especially now the Christmas is over there is nothing better to look forward to then new spring collections, and yes Paul & Joe - I am talking about you! :-)

Face and Eye Colour CS in 095 Girafe and 096 Elephanteau is presented in a printed, cardboard packaging. You get four different colours is each pan: (clockwise from top left) hippo is an accent eyeshadow colour, swan is a highlighter, elephant is a blusher and a cat (my personal favourite) is all over eye colour. Looks very pretty but there is one main downside to having all colours embossed onto the same palette, which is that they will easily get mixed with each other. Especially if you use a brush to apply your makeup. But hey, the benefit is that you have all you need to create a makeup look on a go in a nice sized, handy palette!   Read more ->
Paul & Joe Menagerie Spring 2015 Creation: Face & Eye Colour: HOW PRETTY?!