Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Review: 17 Magnetized Nail Polish in Lilac

Description: What is 17 Magnetized Nail Polish...The polish contains very fine metal particles, when you have applied the polish and its still wet, hover the magnet (which is part of the cap) over your nail and watch the effect appear! (source:

17 Magnetized Nail Polish in Lilac is one of four shades to choose from, the other shades include: Gun Metal, Blue and Teal. I was very excited about these nail polishes, as I read about them a couple of moths ago on boots website. I loved cracking nail polishes (well, I still do), so I was pretty sure this time it will be the same with the magnetizing ones. I couldn’t decide which shade I wanted (all of them looked fabulous) so I quickly grabbed the purple one and left the shop just in case I would want to buy them all.

What you have to do to get your nails magnetized: apply the nail polish to one of your nails and whilst still wet, take the magnet located on the top of the cap and move it towards your nail (remember, don't let the magnet touch your nail) and wait for a few seconds. You should see the ‘wave’ effect appear before your eyes. It takes a bit of practice to get it right and you can also try to place the magnet in different directions to get different effects. I was quite pleased with mine.

The formula is nice and thick, not too watery and easy to apply. The brush spreads the nail polish evenly. It stays on for ages as well. I think the finished look is fantastic and it is well worth the money (£5.99 from Boots). Definitely recommend it. :-) A.

Saturday, 24 September 2011

Review: DIOR Nail Polish in Tuxedo

Dior Nail Polish in Tuxedo is one of the two nail polishes released as a part of Fall 2011 collection. (the other one is called Blue Denim) I absolutely adore Dior nail polishes as the texture is just fantastic and they stay on forever as well. It is no different with Tuxedo.

Tuxedo is a deep and intense shimmery blue, which is a bit darker than I expected. It looks like metallic colour but when I put it on nails, it looses a lot of shimmer – it’s not as glittery as in the packaging. I had to have a close look to notice any. But still, with the right lighting you can see it’s not just a plain colour. I think it’s a nice shade for evening parties and nights out with friends.

The formula is great, the nail varnish spreads on nails evenly and you only need one coat to cover your nails completely. The brush is thick and only one stroke is needed to cover the whole nail. Although I find it a little bit too thick but I will probably get used to it. Overall, I totally recommend this nail varnish, I wish I could purchase them both :P A.

Monday, 19 September 2011

Estee Lauder free gift alert!

Because red lips are so hot this season I decided to buy myself a lovely Pure Color Matte Lipstick in Red Velvet from Modern Mercury 2011 Collection. There are many red lipsticks out at the moment but I always tend to come back to lipsticks with a matte finish when it comes to winter months. :)

I’ve also had my eyes on crème eye shadows for a while now and decided that Estee Lauder Double Wear Stay-in-Place Shadow Crème in Café Au Lait (22) looks gorgeous enough to give it a go. 

Reviews for both lipstick and eye shadow to follow soon. And…
…you get one of these fabulous gifts at Debenhams when you buy two or more Estee Lauder products. Yaaay! Offer ends 1st October. Your 7-piece gift includes:
 - A choice of moisturiser, repair serum, eye creme and cleanser (you can choose Resilience Lift SPF15 moisturiser, Resilience Lift Eye Creme, Perfectionist [CP+] Wrinkle Lifting Serum Corrector for Lines/Wrinkles/AgeSpots and Soft Clean Moisture Rich Foaming Cleanser OR DayWear Advanced Multi-Protection Anti-Oxidant Crème SPF 15, Advanced Night Repair Synchronized Recovery Complex, Advanced Night Repair Eye Recovery Complex and Perfectly Clean Splash Away Foaming Cleanser – that is what I chose)

 - Pure Color Quad Compact with applicator

 - Pure Color Long Lasting Lipstick in Candy
 - Sumptuous, Bold Volume Lifting Mascara in Black
 - Plus a lovely cosmetics bag
Can’t wait to try them out! Thank you Estee Lauder for this fabulous gift! I definitely recommend it! A.

Friday, 16 September 2011

Review: CHANEL Nail Polish in Peridot (531)

Chanel Le Vernis Nail Colour in Peridot is one of three colours released by Chanel as a part of Autumn/Winter collection (the colours in the collection include: Peridot, Graphite and Quartz). I picked Peridot because I think it stands out the most out of all three. Although the other two nail varnishes look beautiful as well, this one is the one that I liked the most. It might seem odd, but the colour also reminds me of Christmas…

Peridot looks like metallic green-ish shade of gold if that makes sense. The colour has a sparkly – shimmery gold base with a hint of green. It looks very festive and elegant and it’s very pleasing to the eye. It’s very shiny and the formula is better than usual. (I bought Chanel Nail Polish in Mimosa from S/S collection and I swore to myself I’d never buy Chanel’s Nail Polishes again – more to follow) It spreads evenly and it covers the nails well. I put two coats on my nails for a better coverage.

I’ve had it on my nails for a few days and it still look great! Normally a nail varnish lasts about 1.5 day on my nails before it starts chipping so a couple of days is quite good!
Overall, I would definitely recommend this nail varnish; although it’s expensive (£17.50 each) it’s definitely worth the money!