Friday, 3 February 2012

CHANEL 2012 Spring Collection Horizon Blusher & Chalys Lipstick


I had my eyes on the Chanel Spring Collection Horizon Blusher for a while so when it finally arrived in shops my first step was towards the Chanel counter. I was planning on getting a warm orange-y colour lipstick from their collection as well so when I picked Rouge Coco Lipstick in Chalys I knew that's the one I wanted. Although I liked all the other colours I knew I had to decide otherwise I'd be just standing there and trying all of them on for ever. If I had too much money I’d probably buy all of them. (I know, I’m self-confessed addict to beauty products).

The Horizon Limited Edition Blusher is priced at £46 – it is very pricey product just to get a bit of colour on your cheeks – I agree. But me, being me, I just HAD to buy it anyway. And it is indeed veeery nice. It has all the colours you need to achieve a nice, soft pinky finish on your cheeks. Perfect for spring. I love it. It’s like all in one product – it gently highlights your cheekbones as well giving you a healthy, natural glow.

You can also use it in two ways: first you can sweep your brush across the upper part of the blusher where all the pink shades are placed. That way you achieve a soft, fresh pink look. However, if you sweep your brush across the bottom part of the blusher – where all the peachy tones are placed - you achieve warmer, more summery finish. Love.It.

When it comes to lipstick – hmm… my feelings are mixed. Yes, I love the shade; the texture is beautiful, very creamy and very soft. It’s a sheer lipstick so it doesn’t come out as bright orange-y but it does give your lips a satiny, more natural finish. The downside is that it doesn’t last very long. 3 - 4 hours is the max. Plus, if you have dry or chapped lips it will make them look even dryer.  Overall - I love the creamy texture but I don’t think I would buy that particular lipstick again.
CHANEL Rouge Coco Hydrating Creme Lip Colour in Chalys

Overall – I looove the blusher, not so in love with the lipstick. A.

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