Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Boxing Day Lush Order is here!

Lush goodies
I know a lot of you guys had a problem with Lush orders as well and some of us have been waiting long time for stuff. Well, my order finally arrived last Friday (yeey!) after 3 weeks. And yes, some of my products were out of stock as well, got a refund and... a free surprise gift, which is always a nice bonus. 
So, let's put the whole experience behind us and have a look at what I ordered... :-)

Top row: my surprise gift, middle: Snow Fairy gift box and bottom two: Santa Claus is coming to Town
I absolutely love Lush products and it actually makes me want to take a shower or a bath about 10 times a day. My favourite Gift set out of the three would be Snow Fairy just because... of the Snow Fairy shower gel. It's a cult product and I can't imagine my Christmas without buying at least one bottle. It. just. smells. gorgeous!! 
Another product that I rather enjoy using is Snowman Shower Jelly. The smell is so addictive I sometimes open the pot just to smell it and casually put it back on the shelf. It's sooo good. And it's fun to use. Seriously, if you never had a shower jelly before I urge you to get one asap! 
To wrap up, I love every single one of the products and I am happy I am well stocked for the next ... few months haha! Did you guys get anything from Lush? If yes, let me know what's your favourite product! Love, A. x

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