Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Nails Inc in Bluebell for InStyle

Oh, I love free products so much! Thank you InStyle for this gorgeous gift!
Bluebell is beautiful pastel-ish blue with a tiny bit of purple undertones. Love it. I think it is lovely! The packaging is fine; with silver top, which is big and rounded – typical for nails inc products.

The nail polish is quite easy to apply; the texture is very creamy although on the thick side. Two coats is more than enough to achieve opaque finish. The brush is okay, it is not the best one I used but it is not the worst one either.
The finish is shiny and very smooth. It does not take ages to dry. It started chipping after 3 days, but remember I do chip my nails quite easily so you might get better result, especially with a top coat.
 Nails Inc in Bluebell (without flash)
Nails Inc in Bluebell (with flash)
InStyle costs £3.80 and Nails Inc in Bluebell was free with the June copy of the magazine. A.

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