Monday, 16 April 2012

Illamasqua SS12 Human Fundamentalism Lipstick in Apocalips + Nail Varnish in Nomad

When I saw the advert for this collection it was absolutely love from the first sight, seriously. I wasn’t just blown away by the explosion of colours but their idea behind their collection. I mean, Illamasqua is known for pushing their boundaries but this collection is just amazing. Maybe it’s because they play around with my two favourite colours: purple and green? Anyway…

Illamasqua SS12 Human Fundamentalism Lipstick in Apocalips is a very deep teal shade with matte finish. It’s not a shade I would normally pick but that’s why it caught my eye. I like bold and statement colours, and I was keen to see how it looks like on lips.

The formula is very dry so the lipstick doesn’t glide as smoothly as a lip balm or a lipstick with satin or creamy finish. Once applied, it provides an opaque finish. It smells like a sweet candle wax when in the bullet but when applied the smell is undetectable. 

The lasting power is about 6 hours without the need to re-apply. It’s not moisturising but it’s not drying either but I wouldn’t say it’s comfortable to wear on its own. Also, Apocalips is great to mix with other lipsticks to get new, innovative shades (I mixed mine with L’oreal Color Riche in Pink Passion to get deep, lilac-y purple with blue undertones). Overall, very impressed and will definitely purchase more Illamasqua makeup products.

Illamasqua Nail Varnish in Nomad is a bright, neon-y shade of green. It’s very similar to Barry M Nail Paint in Mint Green but brighter and slightly greener. It’s very long lasting (about a week with a top coat), has shiny finish and a great formula that require just one coat for opaque finish. Overall, I think both the lipstick and nail varnish are great products!

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